The Mission


To become the world’s first blockchain-enabled, state-of-the-art marketplace, for the hospitality industry assets ownership.

Ultimately, the Home Noir platform will support an ecosystem of partners that securitize their asset and accept our tokens, opening up liquidity for assets and a world of other possibilities, democratizing ownership




The Opportunity


By 2022, 50% of workers will work remotely. And 63% of business trips from the US will be for bleisure – (business and leisure).

The hospitality industry will need to reinvent the model, divest current assets ownership, and invest more in quick scaling with new openings, better services, more experiences.


Home Noir is at the intersection of three
thriving sectors.


–        Timeshares

–        Accommodation rental

–        Hotels


Market map


Home Noir brings three Asset Categories together, in one marketplace.


“Home Noir provides liquidity for Hospitality Asset owners. Assets will be owned by the members/investors, allowing them to realize monthly cash return based on the bookings of the accommodations.

Assets potential
 Marriot Hotels $25BI
 Hilton Hotels $15BI
 Wyndham Hotels $10BI
 Las Vegas Sands $23BI
 MGM Resorts $34BI
 Wynn Resorts $14BI
 US Time share $11BI
 Ascot Residence Ltd $7.6BI


Our Vision


“There are ideas and companies that were born for a simple reason; because the entrepreneur believes he will change the world. This may be arrogant, but not necessarily wrong. To succeed and flourish, this attitude must be combined with something else. To bring to life an idea that makes a real difference, you need more – a vision.

Our vision is we should always be in beta – always ready to change, humbly taking on inputs and criticism from different angles. The true visionary is the one who can remember the voices of the past, hear the voices of the present and listen out for the voices of the future. By doing that, it’s possible to think, see, plan, and allow others to dream big and believe the idea will make the world a better place.”


—Luca Longobardi


Our Difference


Home Noir is a global community of Members Empowering this community are Home Noir Tokens, a digital currency that entitles the Members to own a piece of a property, monetize from it or resell it at any time.






Gamify accommodation ownership, so that millions can play using a bidding process or simply “buy now”.


Seamless peer-to-peer rental

A decentralized ledger means no expensive middle men. Tokens can be easily traded on our marketplace, with just one click


Open community

A powerful free market database of traders and Members, defined by a true shared economy that meets daily on a trading platform.


The World of Home Noir in 6 years


By 2026, Members’ will have access to    new asset classes and be able to own: a cruise line cabin, or a seat on a plane and more, each of which will be carefully curated to ensure they share the same philosophy and mark of quality as Home Noir.

These additional benefits will all be accessible on the Home Noir platform.



Own a seat on a plane and monetize from it



Own a cabin on a cruise line and monetize from it



The Noir Economy


An ecosystem of Members Token Holders and traders, collaborating to build a democratic and sustainable business model.

This will increase the reach, utility, liquidity and desirability of the tokens and offer access to a new exciting way of earnings from real estate assets and new way of growth for hospitality entrepreneurs.



Powered by cutting edge technology

A seamless, open and integrated digital platform enabling an exceptional online customer experience designed for the digital age


Community and trading platform

Token sales take place on Substrate/Polkadot blockchain. Bidding, and trading stays in our market place and is conducted on our proprietary Exchange Noir platform – a blockchain distributed ledger which is

a scalable, self-regulating peer-to-peer network that eliminates transaction costs and improves scalability.



Connected to the most powerful cryptocurrency

The Crowd

Traders and Members forming a vibrant community of like-minded, discerning travelers and investors.

The Token Holders

A new breed of contemporary hotelier, who can purchase Home Noir Tokens.

The traders

Enabling the tokens to fluctuate in the market, creating value and 24 x 7 market liquidity for the assets


How the model works


Introducing the Token, members and Traders


Total tokens in circulation

TAccording to thenumbers of Assets

 registered in the marketplace 


  • Access the platform to review property listings
  • Place bids on offered accommodation’s listing
  • Get real-time settlement with our multi-sig digital wallets
  • Property transfers are securely and permanently recorded on the blockchain   

Members, Traders, Token Value

Members: they buy token at the 1st issue and hold it for more than 2 years, they
have access to special bookings and prices
 and they receive notifications on new
 premium assets launch.

Traders: They trade daily on our platform, Opportunistically, keeping the float liquid.

Token Value: Stable Coin, re-evaluated on a yearly basis according to new property value, value of the yield attached to the token, independently valued according to returns on the bookings.





Introducing the Home Noir marketplace

HOME NOIR   » Investor




HOME NOIR   » Investor







snapshot of
the business

The Hotel Industry total revenue
$206Bi a year

Net Revenues


Year 1



Year 2



Year 3



Year 4



Year 5



HOME NOIR   » Investor




Investors receive:

– Up to 20% equity in Home Noir group currently valued at $50M.

– Home Noir Tokens issued at the Token Generating Event.


Investment received will be attributed as

– Marketing/Product – $5M
– Technology – $1M
– Finance/Legal – $500K
– Team – $3.5M

Total Investment – $10M





HOME NOIR   » Investor










The Team
Luca Longobardi

Founder & Chief Evangelist

Luca is a modern-day renaissance man; an author, restaurateur, venture capitalist, and investment
banker, whose experiences and personality drive the vision for Home Noir.
With an impressive track record leading global
banks, as well as launching and selling successful businesses, Luca’s focus has been on early stage companies in tech, consumer goods and innovative food concepts.
Some of his investments include many of the most famous and successful tech companies. He’s the Co-Founder of The Bank Lab, was the founder and Ceo of State Capital a boutique Investment bank with offices in 4 Continents, a co-founder at Brandville Ventures, a Co-founder of Trinity Hospitality Group a PE fund in partnership with Berkshire Hathaway HS, investing in Lifestyle Experiential Boutique hotels, and a Partner and Senior Advisor at MFOP the Multibillion-dollar family office founded by Marc Lasry and Saudi Crown Holding Executive Board Member and CIO, Carmine Villani. I am a pro-bono mentor, a blockchain and digital currency idealist, a Board Member at Water for Africa. 

In 2015 Luca published his autobiography, ‘Branded: The Mafia’s Banker’, a global best seller and subject of a forthcoming TV series.


HOME NOIR   » Investor









The Team
Gustavo Mana

Operations Catalyst.

Gustavo Mana is a co-Founder and Managing partner at BRANDVILLE VENTURES is an accomplished investor with ventures across technology, biotech, energy and other leading sectors. Having a broad background in investment banking, by 2000, he was co- leading the Electronic European Trading group with the mandate to set up systematic proprietary arbitrage and Electronic European Program Trading. In 2003, he co-founded IVC, which would become one of the world leading High Frequency trading firms at those times. In 2008 IVC was trading in 20 exchanges over the world across equity and futures. Gustavo holds a PhD in particle physics from New York University and a MBA from CUNY.
He joined Luca in 2019 to oversee the operational aspect of the group.

HOME NOIR   » Investor








The Team
Obi Ukaegbu

Blockchain Architect




A Crypto-Economist & Incentive Designer
Specializing in blockchain operations and crypto-economics, Obi has developed strategies, managed the design, build and implementation of business networks powered by distributed ledger technologies. Prior to this, he worked as an analyst for an e-commerce company and with a selection of Fortune 500 Companies while working for a risk analytics firm. Obi graduated from New York University’s Stern School of Business with a degree in information Systems and Management followed by a master’s degree in Technology Management from Georgetown University. Simons Venture Group • Andrew Davidson & Co • Fraktal Group

HOME NOIR   » Investor







The Team
Shirley Leigh Wood Oaks

Chief Marketing Officer, CMO




With over a decade of experience building the brands of  today, Shirley Leigh-Wood Oakes is one of the futures brightest brand creators and strategists. Her knowledge across the upper-end mass, prestige and luxury market is extensive and widespread across public relations, marketing, social media and influencer engagement. She has developed, positioned and launched some of today’s strongest brands in a variety of sectors bringing unique expertise and the ability and understanding to execute 360-
degree campaigns that build and maintain a brands influence within the market and with their target audiences. Five years ago, she co-founded WickerWood, the leading brand influence agency, a full-service strategic agency that creates, builds and repositions brands and executes 360 effective PR, marketing and digital strategies and campaigns
for local and global audiences.




HOME NOIR   » Investor







The Team
Jasel Mehta

Product & Innovation Director



Jasel has 18 years of international experience leading teams to craft class leading ideas, innovation and communication in partnership

with some of the world’s most respected brands, including Audi, Coca-Cola, Ferrari, Heineken and Nike. The majority of his career was spent AKQA,

one of the most acclaimed ideas and innovation agencies in the world, where his work ranged from a crowdsourced Bollywood movie to breakthrough VR experiences, digital products, complex technology platforms and more.

He thirsts for the unknown and believes nothing is impossible until everything possible has been tried.





Legal Advisor


Audit & Tax Advisor

We are creating a new paradigm in the global hospitality ownership industry and invite you to join us on this exciting journey.



—Thank you